1. Consigner agrees to have their merchandise displayed at our store for a period of 2 months. And maternity for 3 months

2. Consigner agrees that store has the right to set the price for merchandise, at a price store believes to be most reasonable

3. Consigner agrees to a split of 60% for the store and 40% for the consigner on the final sale price of the merchandise. If item is priced and sold for over $100 then consigner receives 60%

4. Clothes need to be clean, wrinkle free, in current style and season, preffered to be hung up on hangers or folded neatly in a bin (hangers will be returned to consigner if requested).

5. After merchandise has been in the store for 30 days the store has the option to discount the price of the merchandise. There will be a $3.00 charge for early pickup before 2 months

6. After 2 months, if any merchandise is still in the store, the consigner has the option of picking up the remaining merchandise or donating merchandise. It will be the consigners responsibility to pickup remainig merchandise off the racks within 7 days after consignment date has expired. A list will be printed for you to locate any unsold items. ANY ITEMS NOT PICKED UP WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER CONTRACT EXPIRES, WILL BECOME PROPERTY OF STORE. Store is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

7. Consigner checks will be available for pickup on the 1st business day of each month OR for $1 service charge will be mailed to you if requested. When the amount due to consigner is less than $10, a check will not be issued and it is consigner's responsibility to pickup cash or use as store credit.

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